We’ve all heard of spring cleaning but how many of you actually deep clean your homes in the fall as well?  Spring cleaning has been a ritual for a lot of people for quite some time but fall cleaning is just as important.  What are some of the areas that you want to pay extra attention to in the Spring and the Fall?

Cleaning Your Carpets!

During the summer and the fall you spend quite a bit more time outside and your children and pets spend more time running in and out of your house all day long.  More than likely you are not wiping your pets feet and your children are not taking their shoes off each time they go in and out of the home.  This traffic brings in dirt and bacteria each time someone walks across your floors.  Deep cleaning of your carpets should be done at least once a year but would be beneficial if you were to have them steam cleaned twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall.

Cleaning Your Refrigerator!

How frequently do you clean out your refrigerator?  Do you have left overs shoved in the back corner of your fridge that you have forgotten about for weeks, maybe even months, at a time?  When was the last time you looked at the expiration dates on the food and condiments that you have in your refrigerator?  If you are like most people, you probably have at least one or two items in your fridge that are expired and should be thrown away.  Cleaning out your fridge regularly can help improve the overall health of your family as well and prevent them from eating expired or even moldy food by accident.

Cleaning Your Ceiling Fans!

Another item that is often neglected in your home when cleaning is your ceiling fans.  During the summer you have your fans running more frequently than you have them off.  Whether it’s to sleep or to circulate the cool air in your home, ceiling fans get the most use during the warmer months.  If you are cleaning while your ceiling fans are on you probably don’t realize that you need to clean them until you turn them off.  Ceiling fans collect a lot of dirt and dust while in use.  Your home constantly has dust, hair and other particles floating in the air.  As the fan blades turn they catch this dust and dirt and it collects on the blades.  Remembering to turn the fan off and dust the blades is an important part of cleaning your home.

Regular Cleaning Tasks

Fall cleaning is extremely important but regular cleaning of your home will minimize the amount of fall or spring cleaning that you have to do.  By regularly doing the items above, dirt and bacteria is less likely to build up in your home.  Remember to change your air filters in your vents once a month and regularly wipe down counter tops, tables, etc.  Regular vacuuming can help prevent dirt and bacteria build up in your carpets.  If you need assistance with cleaning your home, please give us a call!  We are happy to give you an estimate of cleaning any sized home in the greater Fredericksburg area!

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