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Why Choose Alex Cleaning Company

Guaranteed, Affordable Steam Carpet Cleaning

Alex Cleaning Company provides guaranteed, professional steam carpet cleaning services to the Greater Fredericksburg area.  Our steam carpet cleaning services are guaranteed to remove any stains from your carpets and provide you with a new feel!  Steam carpet cleaning is different than scrub brush carpet cleaning in that it uses water to create a steam that, combined with the heat and agitation, help bring dirt and stains to the surface for removal.

Why use professional steam carpet cleaning?

Your typical $100 carpet cleaning service is not going to provide any stain removal service at all.  In order to remove stains, you will be charged extra or will need to contact a steam carpet cleaning professional.  Simply vacuuming your carpet is not enough as allergens, dirt, germs and pet hair can get buried deep in the carpet fibers and will not be fully removed. With steam carpet cleaning, all of these negative things can be removed.  It is recommended that your carpets are steam cleaned at least once or twice a month.

The right cleaning service for your home or office

 Residential Cleaning

Don’t have time to clean your home?  Don’t worry, our Residential Cleaning Service can provide you the cleanliness that you are looking for!    We will price match any of our competition, lowest prices guaranteed!

Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial

Alex Cleaning Company provides dependable and honest staff for janitorial services for your office!  With our commercial cleaning service and janitorial service, our staff will provide quality services including bathrooms and dusting of desks, computers, picture frames and more!

New Construction Cleaning Services

Our New Construction Cleaning Services for Fredericksburg, VA are a 3 step process.  During the initial step, the rough clean, we will pick up all trash and scrub any paint off of the windows and other surfaces.  Our cleaning staff will sweep and clean any additional areas before the finishers come in to finish.

The Main Clean, or second step, is done once the finishing touches have been put on the home.  This will prepare the house to be shown to potential buyers.  Our cleaning staff will scrub all surfaces, clean the corners of the hardwood floors, dust light fixtures and remove any stickers safely from surfaces in the home.

The Final Clean, of third step, is done right before the new owners move in.  This step removes any dust and ensures that the home is sparkling!

Licensed, bonded and insured!!

Fredericksburg Cleaning Service That Values Your Health

To a professional Fredericksburg Cleaning Service your health is of the utmost importance. They will use safe, non-toxic cleaners where necessary. Their cleaning supplies such as cloths, mops, and dusters are always sanitized and stored separately according to usage. You home will be kept free of dust and airborne contaminants by the use of appropriate filters in vacuum cleaners.

In your workplace a clean environment will increase productivity as well as leave clients with a positive impression. It has also been shown to increase the morale of people employed in commercial offices, schools and fitness centers. In facilities that take care of people, such as doctors’ offices and day care centers, the strictest of hygiene standards need to be maintained. A skilled Fredericksburg Cleaning Service understands this and will adhere to these high standards.

An expert Fredericksburg Cleaning ServiceCleaning Service goes through a rigorous screening and employee training program to make sure that their workers are the best. They take pride in doing their job well and are proficient and trustworthy. The maintenance of high safety standards is also important to a Fredericksburg Cleaning Service. You can be free of worry regarding security and privacy of your space. The management retains a high degree of accountability for both employees and customers.

It is in the spirit of labor and creativity that a professional Fredericksburg Cleaning Service offers you the pleasure of its wide array of cleaning programs. When it comes to cleaning your office or space don’t feel that you have to tackle the job on your own. A willing and able Fredericksburg Cleaning Service is just a phone call away.

Comfort is produced by a Fredericksburg Cleaning Service

Daily, weekly or monthly rates are offered by a qualified Fredericksburg Cleaning Service at an affordable and competitive level. You can rest assured that whatever arrangements you make will be kept, you won’t be let down and they’ll be there when you need them most. Whenever you are expecting guests or new tenants you can take advantage of other services such as one-time cleaning appointments. Should you need a one-time cleaning service just pre-arrange it yourself or get your real estate agent or broker to do it.

Instead of completing a marathon cleaning session before your guests arrive you can now hire a Fredericksburg Cleaning Service and eliminate all that stress. As a landlord it’s important that your property is shown at its best. This is something that you can now rest assured of and the pride and confidence that you have in your rental apartment will be noticed by prospective tenants.

Every room will be thoroughly and methodically cleaned by a Fredericksburg Cleaning Service. This meansdusting rooms and mopping floors. It also includes cleaning window surrounds, dusting blinds and vacuuming carpets. Areas which are a high priority include kitchens and bathrooms. In your office, services include the cleaning of cubicles as well as office spaces. Desks will be dusted, dividers wiped and floors mopped. Restrooms and break rooms will also receive special attention.