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Office cleaning and carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg VAAlex Cleaning Company is Fredericksburg’s Number 1 cleaning service!  We provide guaranteed, professional steam carpet cleaning, commercial janitorial services and residential cleaning services.

All of our cleaning services are satisfaction guaranteed!  If you are not satisfied with the cleaning service that you have received, you will not be charged!  We offer the lowest prices in town and will price match our competition.  Give us a call today!

Cleaning Service: Creating Order Out of Chaos in Fredericksburg

You spend a lot of time in your personal space. It says a lot about you as a person and the life you lead but if your space isn’t clean, then it may not be saying what you want others to hear, or in this case see. Most of us were brought up to understand that it is important to have a clean space but sometimes it is a very difficult standard to maintain. Nowadays most people work away from home and lead busy lives, how many of them have the time to clean? The cleaning services of a dependable company and carpet cleaning service in Fredericksburg can help you change all that. An untidy space is chaotic and unproductive. Living everyday in clutter and unfinished chores can take the pleasure out of life. It robs you of time and energy, because truthfully, it’s impossible to find anything when you need it without an extensive and exhaustive search. To a dedicated cleaning service and carpet cleaning company in Fredericksburg, cleaning chores are a creative and valuable endeavor. Out of the dirt and clutter they bring order. Out of a completely messy situation can come a meticulously clean space. Alternatively you may be neat and organized but don’t always manage to keep everything the way you’d like. Or maybe cleaning is something you loathe. A Fredericksburg cleaning service is here to help. They understand that not everyone enjoys cleaning and that it’s often a tedious task which conflicts with your work and family time. Hiring a dependable residential cleaning and carpet cleaning service will allow you to have that well deserved break along with more personal time and space.

Cleaning Service Establishes Order

Taking into account your individual needs as a customer a quality cleaning company in Fredericksburg will customize its superior cleaning services to satisfy you. Cleaning appointments can be arranged on a flexible, daily, weekly or monthly basis to fit your schedule. A one time cleaning appointment can also be set up upon request.  Even carpet cleaning services can be set up. The employees of our cleaning service company are polite and proficient individuals who will do their jobs quietly and effectively without disruption to your normal routine and privacy. Even the hard-to-reach corners and spaces that you normally take for granted will be cleaned by staff that pay particular attention to detail and standards of cleanliness. Our Fredericksburg cleaning company and carpet cleaning service will take special care of your needs. They are knowledgeable on which housekeeping materials to use for all kinds of floors like hardwood, marble, granite, ceramic, or linoleum. They are experienced on which cleaning solutions to use for all kinds of cleaning problems like stains, spills, grease, soap scum, you name it.

We Clean Some of the Most Difficult Carpets!

The following are just a small sample of carpets we are called to clean.

Services Offered

  • Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Commercial Janitorial Services
  • Move In Cleaning
  • Move Out Cleaning
  • New Construction Cleanup